Messaging Word Salad

In this month’s blog, we’re giving you a fresh look at how to craft compelling copy! Whether you’re drafting an important email, writing a blog, or developing messaging for a new campaign, our Director of Communications, John Butzko, has a few tips and tricks for you. Read on to learn how our master of words works his magic.

Step One: Pick big adjective veggies. The key here is to choose the biggest, most impressive adjective “veggies” you can find. Pluck those huge, overripened multisyllabic words – like phantasmagoric, loquacious and recalcitrant – and admire their beauty on the cutting board.

Step Two: Throw them in the trash. Get rid of those big words. People don’t talk or communicate like that. They might look great, but they’ll spoil your messaging. No one gets credit for using a $10 word when a $1 one will do the job. If you wouldn’t use it in a conversation, don’t use it in your messaging.

Step Three: Trim words into bite-sized pieces. Get right to the point. Only crisp, fresh words and messages will do. Make sure you choose a variety for a colorful salad. Be brief, be gone, and be sure to prepare your words in a way that makes them easy to take in and digest. If the eater (reader) stumbles on cryptic wording, your message will be lost and forgotten.

Step Four: Splash with dressing. Everyone loves the taste of a strong, well-used adjective… but don’t get greedy. Like dressing, adjectives should be used sparingly to add a pop of flavor. Rely too much on that adjective dressing and your message becomes a dripping, sappy, soggy mess.

Step Five: Mix well and toss to combine. Don’t be predictable or redundant. Mix up your sentence length, put those action words to work and keep the reader interested in what you have to say. Get them with the headline, keep them with the copy, make them want to take your call to action.

Step Six: Serve fresh! Whether it’s social media, public relations or traditional advertising messaging, time is of the essence. If you have a special promo or announcement, get it out there in front of your reader ASAP. Keep it sitting out for too long and it’ll just go bad.

If you follow these simple 6 steps, you’ll be a master copywriter in no time. If you can’t recall all the details, just remember to be brief, and if you wouldn’t say something in a conversation, don’t type it out.

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