We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – your brand is the face and personality of your business, especially when it comes to enticing and interacting with customers. It’s the identity of a company, regardless of the industry, painting a clear picture of not only its unique values and reputation but what it stands for, its iconic colors (think Grapevine’s signature purple and green) and more. But how can you ensure your brand is distinctly understood and recognized, particularly among the competition?

Enter brand consistency, which goes deeper than simply making sure the way your company is presented, along with its unique value proposition (UVP), is identical across each marketing tactic you utilize from social media to public relations, digital marketing campaigns, print collateral and more. In fact, 68% of companies say that this consistency has contributed to anywhere from 10% to over 20% of revenue growth. It’s the great unifier, helping your brand communicate to target audiences affectively, eliminating conflicting stances, messaging and mix-and-matched design styles that can cause confusion. Here’s more proof of why brand consistency matters and how you can employ it within your business.

Stay Focused On What You Do Best

With brand consistency, it’s important to portray exactly what your business does well and why. It’s not as simple as saying, “We’re the best at X, Y and Z.” This should be a thoughtful, honest exercise focusing on what differentiates your company from the competition. If you’re a homebuilder, do you provide unique value through a personalized design and building experience? Are you an insurance company that prides itself on being family-owned – and provides customer service that emulates it?

As marketers who ask these questions often of our clients, the more defined your focus is, the better your brand consistency will likely be. Stating what you can offer your target audience should be precise, resembling a shot with a bow and arrow rather than the wide spread from a shotgun. It takes the average consumer five to seven interactions for them to recall a brand, which is why consistency is crucial.

With Every Channel, Have a Clear Message

Clear messaging matters – take it from the copywriter. Your brand doesn’t have to be the loudest, overly-wordy or adjective-heavy, but it should be the same across every marketing medium, from a post on Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook to your website, rack cards, brochures and infographics.  

Honesty is a key element when crafting the message. In fact, Edelman found that 81% of consumers say brand trust is a deciding factor when doing business with a company. The message should also have a distinct voice, whether it’s witty, empathetic, authoritative or supportive – something that resonates with your target audience.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Think you have a preferred way of getting your message across? Words aren’t created equal and what you choose to use may affect how relatable you are to your target audience. Consider this – technical, industry-specific language may resonate with high-level B2B clients but not with the average consumer that responds to plain English.

Whatever you think works best for your brand, ensure the tone and message aligns in everything you do. With copy, it’s about creating a connection. Past studies have shown that fully-connected customers are 52% more valuable than ones who are just “satisfied.”

It’s Good To Have Standards

Consistency is key, which is why your standards should be set in stone. What better way to memorialize your business’ look, feel and voice for the future than creating a brand standards guide! Your marketing team or an outside agency can create detailed guidelines, ranging from color palettes utilized in any branded designs to logos, typography, imagery, tone and specific words to use or avoid.

It’s all about developing a brand with staying power, especially when it comes to visual consistency in areas like color. Consumers are 81% more likely to recall a brand’s color than remember the name. Look at some of your favorite local and national brands for further proof!

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