Deep Dish Strategy Pizza

Who doesn’t love a good deep-dish pizza? The endless layers and toppings are hard to resist. This month we’re serving up yet another recipe, so you have the inside scoop on our secret sauce. Read on to learn how our Chief Development Officer, Gabriele Harris, develops irresistible marketing strategies.  

Step One: Start with a Good Crust.

One of the first things you might think of when a deep-dish pizza comes to mind is the delectable crust. The foundation of this cheesy masterpiece is an essential element. Similarly, the base of your marketing strategy is equally as important. That’s why we recommend you consider your target audience in the first phase.

When you’re developing your customer, take their demographics and psychographics into account. Say you want to target women. Great. Now ask yourself, how old is she? What does she do/want/like? Get into the nitty-gritty details. The more you know about your customer, the better. If you’re feeling creative, try building out a buyer persona. Here’s an example: let’s consider working moms are your target. First, give her a name. In this case, we’re going to use “Julie.” Next, describe her as if you knew her in real life. Write down her hobbies, education, marital status, income and purchase behavior. This will give you a great base to build on. Now you’re cookin’!

Step Two: Add Your Sauce.

The next thing to consider is the sauce. Here, the flavor of the pizza is determined. In marketing, we like to think of your message as this component of the pie. Carefully consider how you want to “speak” to Julie.

She’s a working mom that probably doesn’t have tons of free time. What’s important to her? Probably anything that is fast and convenient. Figure out her pain points and then address them directly. Remember – don’t talk about yourself and what you offer.

Instead, discuss how you solve her problem and make her the hero of the story.

Step Three: Sprinkle on Your Favorite Toppings.

Toppings have the power to elevate your pizza to the next level. Adding these finishing touches before your put your strategy into action is critical. In marketing, these catalysts are the various marketing channels you utilize.

Let’s think traditional first. You might have pepperoni and mushrooms on hand. In marketing, these traditional platforms include radio and print. Now for the non-conventional forms. Maybe you want to throw on some pulled BBQ chicken or shrimp. Today, the channels for digital marketing are endless, so choose wisely.

Julie is an on-the-go mom. So, you might want to try to target her on her favorite social media platforms, like Pinterest, and online with a PPC and display campaign on Google. You may even want to consider radio as a channel since she commutes every day.

Step Four: Time to Bake.

Now that you’ve assembled everything, it’s time to bake and let the magic happen. Once you launch your campaigns, it is important to monitor and adjust as needed. Just because you did all the work up-front doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax now. Listen to your audience and continually test and adjust messaging across all channels as needed.

Voila! That’s a good pie. If you’d like to talk to one of our chefs, we’re happy to help out in the kitchen. Give us a call at 941-351-0024 or email us at 

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