Are People Watching Your Landing Page Videos?

Video marketing has become ubiquitous in news and social media feeds and it’s one of the most powerfull tools for persuasion you have in your marketing tool box. A recent survery found 72% of businesses say video has improved their conversion rates. Landing pages are specifically designed to persuade and convert, so it makes total sense to use videos reinforce your message.

But how do you know visitors are actually watching your videos? If you’re spending time and money on producing video content, you probably want to know if visitors are engaging with them.

While some of you might have access to a video marketing platform and detailed analytics, this post is  walks your through how to can get view information for YouTube videos and the free tool Google Tag Manager.

Once you follow the steps below for your Unbounce pages, you’ll be able to see:

  • If visitors are actually watching the videos on your landing pages
  • The duration of how long visitors are watching for, and
  • Where visitors are dropping off (this can help you understand what content to modify to keep visitors engaged).

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