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Born and raised in East End Long Island, NY • Loves horseback riding, being a foodie, and all things creatively competitive • Taught herself graphic design at 13 years old off an old school copy of Photoshop, and then taught herself video editing at 16 • Moved to Sarasota in 2012 to study Motion Design/Animation at Ringling College of Art + Design • Met her Egyptian husband there, he had a puppy she wanted to be hers • Married in 2016 and started collecting dogs, biggest herd to date is 4 dogs • Started a production company together and managed it for 4 years

2 truths and 1 lie

Want to get to know Christina a little more?
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christina Had braces 2.5 times
Had braces 2.5 times
Christina Traveled to 10+ countries outside of the U.S.
Traveled to 10+ countries outside of the U.S.
christina Perfected the art of bagel making
Perfected the art of bagel making


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