Culture – it’s the “personality” of a company, whether we’re talking about a small local business or large corporation. Just like humans, this personality varies with each business, encapsulating a company’s beliefs, attitudes, standards, approach to employee development and training, team incentives, compensation, benefits and more. In fact, over 74% of American workers believe culture impacts their job performance, ranging from efficiency to customer service. Culture even has value in the hiring process, with 46% of job seekers citing it’s very important when deciding whether to apply to a company.   

Fire up Google, and you’ll find countless statistics on the value of company culture… and why you should share it with the world. Your business’ beliefs and core values – and how you choose to highlight them – can directly impact your brand, your people and the audience you want to reach. Here are three reasons why showcasing company culture can enhance your marketing efforts.  

Messaging Created from Culture 

Marketing is the strategy used and actions a business takes to attract a target audience to services or products. What drives that strategy is messaging that aligns with your company culture, which is arguably at the very core of your brand. How your team approaches work, customer service, problem-solving – even interactions with each other – should be portrayed authentically in collateral, digital campaigns, ad development, social media or anywhere you’re planning to reach people.  

For instance, if your company’s culture is centered on creating a “world-class client experience,” drive that message home through all of your marketing strategies. Across culture, your brand and messaging, consistency matters. If executed correctly, customers will take notice.  

A Feel for Your Business’ Beliefs 

Culture steers what customers see, hear and feel when doing business with your company. Giving your audience a peek behind the curtain – what day-to-day life is like at your business – helps you forge relatability. For example, at Grapevine, we wear our creative, authentic approach on our sleeve. Visit the newly published “Culture” page on our website to get a feel for how we treat our clients, our work and our team.  

According to a 2018 study from Accenture Strategy, 62% of consumers say their purchasing power is driven by a company’s values and authenticity. People truly have a desire to know where a business stands before they become a partner, so always market your true self.  

Build Up the Team, Build a Customer Base 

As we mentioned earlier, company culture is important to employees. And, if you have healthy leadership and team chemistry, word gets around – even outside the building. Workers who are treated well will likely discuss that culture on social media, with friends, or at networking events. That’s solid marketing that attracts consumers to entertain what your business has to offer.  

You’re building up a team, and a customer base that appreciates your values, culture and authenticity. Forbes uses Zappos as the perfect example of this idea. The way the company behaved and defined success impacted both employees and consumers. Those customers, who felt strongly about Zappos’ culture, became ambassadors, and helped the business grow. Culture carries weight with everyone! 

About Grapevine Communications 

Grapevine Communications is a full-service creative marketing agency celebrating 21 years of success on the Suncoast of Florida. To learn more about what we do, visit or call us at 941-351-0024.

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